making the most out of VRChat OSC chatbox input
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  • Shows time and FPS in chatbox (updates every 2 seconds)
  • Shows the active application if it's not VRChat (useful when chilling on desktop while alt-tabbing to other things)
  • Input chat with external window
    • Allows you to continue chatting on desktop after taking off your headset and loosing control of VRChat
    • Chat persists until cleared
    • Chat messages are appended so you have some chat history
    • Able to update chatbox instantly while avoiding spam timeout


Download latest build from releases and just run the executable.


  • If it doesn't work, run it as administrator, or add your user to the "Performance Log Users" group: open "Computer Management", find your user, type in this exact group name, then log out and back in.
  • This app uses VRChat OSC; make sure to enable it.
  • You cannot use in-game chatbox input, hence the external window.
  • Anti-spam-timeout isn't foolproof apparently; you might trigger it if you spam chat input of this app.
  • The timeout may also trigger after VRChat freezes (such as when loading a world).


  • Osc receiver so that other stuff can be plugged into this app
  • GUI improvements, typing indicator
  • What other cool stuff could be put in the chatbox?