Faces cropped from Nekopara artworks by qhgz2013/anime-face-detector
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These are faces cropped by anime-face-detector from original artworks extracted from the Nekopara visual novels by KrkrExtract. For each volume, images from evimage.xp3 and data.xp3 were collected, and, face-less, redundant, and thumbnail images were removed. Then after cropping the faces, exact duplicates were automatically deleted followed by some manual deduplication of very similar images that were cropped slightly differently. Some duplicates may remain. Also note, not all faces were detected by the AI.

H content from adultsonly.xp3 were processed separately and zipped so you can't just view them on GitHub. Download and unzip if you're mature.

Unfortunately, for some reason krkrextract won't extract most of the images from evimage.xp3 in volume 1, so the rest had to be screenshotted from the game's gallery at 720p.

Faces generated by E-motes or faces in movies are not included. Also neither are the cute miniature characters you see on the volume config menu; I don't know where those are.

Below are arrays of assorted resized faces; click to see the original.

Volume 1

Volume 0

Volume 2

More volumes will be added after I play them. And when I feel like it...