Collection of all anthropomorphic moe mascots from the Prius! Impossible Girls marketing campaign of 2016
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1: 2ZR-FXE Engine

2: Hybrid Transaxle

3: High-Voltage Power Converter

4: Dashboard

5: Triangular Silhouette

6: Double-Wishbone Suspension

7: High-Rigidity Body

8: TSS-P (Toyota Safety Sense)

9: GOA (Global Outstanding Assessment) Body

10: E-Four (Electrical 4WD System)

11: Soundproofing Performance

12: Front of the car

13: Back of the car

14: Emotional Red color

15: Thermo-Tect Lime color

16: Motor/generators

17: Hybrid Battery

18: Grill Shutters

19: Exhaust Heat Recovery System

20: Electronic Water Pump

21: LED Headlamps

22: Tail Lights

This was the only one missing from the website, but I found it on another source.

23: Alloy Wheels

24: Windshield

25: 4.2 inch color TFT twin gauges

26: Head-Up Display

27: Steering Wheel

28: Center of Gravity

29: Accessory Outlet

30 S-FLOW (Smart-Flow) Climate Control System

31: Wireless Charging

32: Aerodynamic Performance

33: Blind Spot Monitor

34: Intelligent Clearance Sonar

35: Simple Intelligent Park Assist

36: Hill Start Assist Control

37: EV/ECO/PWR Drive Mode Switch

38: iTS Connect

39: Door Chime

40: Power Mode