Mirror of syn3h_releases S3 bucket (http://releases.syn3h.com, formerly http://releases.terra.vision)
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The mirror is large so it is at https://cloud.530s.cf/s/poRCRmger5pkHcM

Also here's a copy of the code I used in case it goes missing or something

var child_process = require("child_process");
var fs = require("fs");
var parser = require("fast-xml-parser");

child_process.execSync(`wget -nv http://releases.terra.vision/ -O ListBucketResult.xml`);

var xml = fs.readFileSync(`ListBucketResult.xml`, 'utf8');
var jso = parser.parse(xml);

var urls = jso.ListBucketResult.Contents.map(x => "http://releases.terra.vision/" + x.Key).filter(x => !x.endsWith("/"));

fs.writeFileSync("urllist.txt", urls.join("\n"));

child_process.spawnSync(`wget`, ["-nv", "-x", "-N", "-i", "urllist.txt"], {stdio:"inherit"});